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Unprecedented technological advances, particularly since the completion of the Human Genome Project, have revealed new insights into the promotion of mind and body health, disease protection and resolution of ill-health. Genetic studies have now shown that some people can even enjoy different forms of natural super-health and that the same disease can be caused by variable genetic re-arrangements. These findings highlight the need for personalised attention to health care.

Historically, the benefits of new health care discoveries are delivered by pharmacological means, by the use of drugs. It usually takes at least ten years for new drugs to be developed.

The world first Homeovitality Centre for Alternative Innovative Healthcare has been now been established by Drs. Peter H Kay (PhD.) and Saqib Rashid (MSc.) to enable the benefits of these new world class scientific discoveries to be enjoyed by everyone through integration into non-pharmacological delivery systems such as homeopathy that can be tailored and adapted to personal needs.

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